The best crypto art gift ideas for Christmas

3 min readDec 15, 2022
Crypto gift ideas
© Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

Christmas is just around the corner. If you have a crypto-fan in your family, or want to introduce someone to digital assets, this crypto gift guide is for you.

Table of contents

  1. A subscription to a specialized crypto media
  2. A physical crypto wallet
  3. Affordable NFT display: Infinite Objects Video Print
  4. High-end NFT display: Samsung Smart TV
  5. An NFT artwork

1. Crypto gift N°1: Subscription to a specialized crypto media

Crypto gift Bloomberg crypto news subscription
© Bloomberg

Specialized crypto news platforms are a great source of information to stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world of digital assets. For example, you can subscribe to Bloomberg to stay on top of all the crypto news. Other media outlets also offer quality paid content such as The Big Whale platform, which offers both a free subscription and a paid one.

> Bloomberg 1-year subscription, $199, at

2. Crypto gift N°2: A physical crypto wallet

Crypto gift Ledger wallet
© Ledger

Want to help your crypto-savvy friend enjoy peace of mind this Christmas? Gift them a physical wallet. It’s an essential tool for any NFT art collector. This type of wallet is the safest way to store crypto assets. The best wallet in our opinion is the Ledger Nano X. In addition to being Bluetooth enabled, it is also sleek and easy to use.

> Ledger Nano X, €149, at

3. Crypto gift N°3: An affordable NFT display

Crypto gift NFT art display
© Infinite Objects

NFT art collectors shouldn’t buy NFTs to keep them on their smartphones, but to enjoy digital art as if it were a physical painting. With Infinite Objects decorative framed displays, NFT art owners can experience their digital works at home in the best way.

> NFT video print, starting at $120, at

4. Crypto gift N°4: A high-end NFT display

Crypto gift NFT art display Samsung The Frame
© Samsung

The latest Samsung The Frame Smart TV lets NFT art collectors browse, collect and display NFT art in their own homes. App users can experience unrivalled picture quality, video and 3D artworks through Samsung’s optimal technology.

> 32" The Frame QLED Smart TV (2022), starting at $599, at

5. Crypto gift N°5: An NFT artwork

Other than being a new, exciting and fun way to own assets, NFT art — digital artworks certified on the blockchain — exist in perpetuity. Postcards and prints will likely fade over time but the vibrancy of NFTs remain. NFT art is also extremely collectible and tradeable; it is much easier to re-sell an NFT than it would be to re-sell a postcard for example.

> Yang Jiechang handcrafted calligraphies, €2,000, at

Crypto gift NFT art Yang Jiechang Possible
© 2022, Yang Jiechang




NFT Platform certified by the world’s greatest museums starting with the British Museum in September 2021.